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My name is Tanmay Paliwal and I m from Naga in India and student of 12th class. I create this website/blog for the share the Informative things around the world. I am writing health topic I choose health topic because I have more knowledge about health and fitness. and on this blog/website, I will share the information about health and fitness. this will help you a lot, in reality, I am the student of non-medical and I love maths .this is my favorite subject but I don,t know why I choose health for a blog. and I am interested in programming and I think i will be a programmer in future and developer and my hobby is blogging not other.

What is the purpose of creating this website?

the first and the last purpose for creating this website is only my profession and aware the peoples about health and fitness. many of the population in the world is not healthy and fit they are suffering from many diseases here I will write on fitness and health and remedy of diseases. and this is my profession to write this is not my job it is only my profession. I used to think from childhood that I have a website that is very good today when I have learned if you learn to Workplace or you have to create your own website. If you have any problem anywhere, you can go to my contact page and call my number. I will support you completely.

What to Learn From This Website?

Guys, here you will be able to learn about health and fitness and many tips and tricks about human body there are many topic on the human body but here you will find all the topic I mean “A full health solution at one place”. you can learn everything but human body from this website you don,t need to going here and there to search a topic you can find everything here.

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