August 19, 2020

Best DHEA Supplement 2020

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a male sex hormone that works similarly to testosterone. People take it to reduce one’s susceptibility to any sexual dysfunction. Not only that, but the use of DHEA also helps you to improve sports performance and sex drive.

Since it is one of the types of androgen supplements available on the market, DHEA is powerful and well-known because of its broad uses.

Because of its popularity, many manufacturers start to produce their own brand and formulation of DHEA. With that in mind, you might have a hard time picking the best supplements for your health. Worry no more, in this post, we are going to provide you with the top-ranked DHEA supplements. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

Zhou DHEA Hormonal Balance Formula

Each capsule of Zhou DHEA Hormonal Balance Formula contains a total of 50 milligrams DHEA. This is good for men and women who are looking for a supplement that has a moderate dose yet pure content of DHEA.

This capsule lies between the lower-dose variants and those with extra-strength formulations. In addition to that, this is considered to be an all-around choice despite having additional ingredients, which include cellulose and rice flour.


  • Moderate levels of DHEA
  • Effective
  • No side effects
  • Contains cellulose and rice flour


  • No drawbacks discovered

Pure Encapsulations DHEA

Another DHEA supplement with a lower dose is the Pure Encapsulations. The manufacturer is very straightforward when it comes to making the supplement design.

One of the great things about this is that it contains pure DHEA levels that help to improve one’s overall health. Each capsule does not contain any additives, fillers, or binders. But, if you are looking for DHEA supplements with higher DHEA content, we do not recommend this one for you.


  • Low DHEA content
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Pure DHEA


  • Not as effective as other high dosage DHEA supplements

Sheer Strength SheerHealth DHEA Extra Strength

If you are looking for a super-pure and high-dose DHEA supplement, then you might consider the Sheer Strength SheerHealth DHEA Extra Strength capsule. It is packed inside a cellulose capsule. Each capsule contains 100 milligrams of testosterone and estrogen, which makes it a good supplement for both males and females.

This capsule contains a small amount of rice flour. But don’t worry since it does not cause any adverse side effects. This is one of the best supplements to improve your sexual health and physical performance.


  • Super-pure and contains high levels of DHEA
  • Improves sexual health
  • Boost physical performance
  • No adverse side effects


  • No drawbacks discovered

Havasu Nutrition DHEA

If you don’t want a DHEA supplement that contains very low or high DHEA levels, ten the Havasu Nutrition DHEA is for you. Each capsule contains moderate dhea content, which is only 50 milligrams, ensuring that it will not cause you to experience side effects. This is one of the best DHEA supplements to improve your hormone levels. If purity is your concern, we highly recommend you consider this supplement.

We don’t recommend this DHEA supplement to individuals who are Vegans and vegetarians. This is because the capsule is made from animal-based gelatin. This DHEA may increase your bone density. That’s why it is one of the best supplements that help everyone.


  • Moderate DHEA dosage
  • Designed clean
  • No side effects


  • Not good for Vegans and vegetarians

aSquared Nutrition DHEA Maximum Strength

Another DHEA supplement with a high level of DHEA content. Each capsule of aSquared Nutrition DHEA Maximum Strength contains 100 milligrams of DHEA.

This supplement has a clean design. The only drawback that we noticed while reviewing this supplement is that it is not good for some individuals, specifically the Vegans and vegetarians, since the capsules are made from gelatin. But, if you can take a gelatin-based capsule, then you might consider this one.


  • High dosage of DHEA
  • Has a clean design
  • Good for everyone


  • Packed inside a gelatin-based capsule

We Like Vitamins DHEA

If you are looking for the best DHEA supplements that have a potent content of DHEA, you might consider taking DHEA supplements from We Like Vitamins.

Similar to the other DHEA supplements we mentioned above, this one is also packed inside a gelatin-based capsule. Though this supplement contains an additional ingredient, which is rice flour, it does not affect the efficacy and the possible use of the DHEA supplement.


  • Good for people who are looking with a high-dosed DHEA supplement
  • Effective
  • Safe to use


  • It is made from a gelatin-based capsule, which is not good for vegetarians and vegans.

Integrative Therapeutic DHEA-5

Another low-dosage Dhea supplements you might consider is the Integrative Therapeutics DHEA-5. This is good for people who need to absorb high resolution compared to what other larger-dosed supplements offer.

For those who don’t know, most DHEA supplements are good for anti-aging. Even though this capsule only contains 5 milligrams of DHEA content, it has a pretty clean design. That’s why we highly recommend this best DHEA supplement to those who want small DHEA dosing.


  • Clean design
  • Good for those who want to microdose the capsule


  • Low content of DHEA

Life Extension DHEA

The Life Extension Dhea contains only 25 milligrams of DHEA content each capsule. In connection to that, it falls to the category of DHEA supplements with a low dosage.

A drawback we discovered while reviewing this health supplement is that it is packed with binders and fillers. Not only that, but we also found out that this supplement is packed in a gelatin-based capsule, which is not pretty good for Vegans. But, if you are looking for the best DHEA supplements with a low dosage, we recommend this one for you.


  • Low dosage
  • Safe
  • Effective


  • Packed with extra binders and fillers
  • Not good for the Vegans

Douglas Laboratoires DHEA

One of the DHEA supplements with a low dosage of Dhea content is the Douglas Laboratories DHEA. Each capsule only contains 5 milligrams of androgen content.

That’s why we highly recommend this DHEA capsule to those who need to fine-tune their intake of DHEA. But, if you are looking for a higher dose of DHEA, consider looking for another option.

A drawback we discovered about this item is that it’s capsule design is not the cleanest.


  • A low dosage of DHEA content
  • Good for everyone


  • Does not have the cleanest capsule design

Natrol DHEA Mood and Stress

Another supplement with low content of DHEA is the Natrol DHEA Mood and Stress. This is a good supplement to take to help to treat various mood disturbances that are caused by having a low androgen level.

Each capsule contains only 25 milligrams of DHEA content. The biggest drawback we found out about this DHEA supplement is that it contains lots of unimportant fillers and additives. In addition to that, this one does not have the cleanest capsule design.


  • Low dose
  • Help to treat mood disturbances
  • Help to improve the overall health


  • Does not have the cleanest capsule design
  • lots of fillers and additives

How Many Milligrams of DHEA is Recommended to Take?

Health doctors and dietitians recommend everyone take Dhea with 50 milligrams to 100 milligrams of DHEA content. This is good for a daily use. If you take the supplement at a higher dose than the recommended, it can cause major side effects, which include headache, and etc.

Why is DHEA Banned?

According to various researches, DHEA was banned way back to 1985. But the United States is continuously selling this over-the-counter supplement. DHEA was banned since there is a study claiming that DHEA can change the testosterone and estrogen level, which is an important hormone in one’s body.

Benefits of Taking DHEA Supplement

As mentioned, there are lots of benefits and also risks you can get from using DHEA supplements. Some experts believe that it can alter the hormone levels of a person, but it lacks scientific explanations.

According to various studies, the use of DHEA does not affect the hormone levels of a person. But, this is not a good supplement to be taken by middle-aged men, since it can alter their testosterone levels.

Another use of DHEA is that it can slow down the person’s aging process. This is a good anti-aging supplement since it is responsible for maintaining a good amount of DHEA inside one’s body. That being said, aside from improving your overall health, DHEA can also help you to enhance muscle mass, reduce body fat, and maintain a good looking physical body.

One of the good things that we love about the possible use of DHEA is that it can also improve the cognitive health of a person. Aside from that, it also reduces your susceptibility to the possible development of health disorders, which include Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Can DHEA Cause Anxiety?

If you are currently experiencing any mental health illness, such as anxiety or depression, we do not recommend you take this supplement. You should set aside taking this capsule, not until your doctor recommends you.

This capsule might affect how your brain functions. It can also directly impact your overall mood, which can worsen your pre-existing mental health issue.

Some researches are claiming that taking a high dosage of DHEA can cause serious side effects to your mental health. It can also worsen your mental condition, such as psychosis, mood changes, anxiety, mania, and many others.

Benefits of Dhea

As mentioned, many studies believed that using DHEA can enhance the testosterone levels of your body. Way back to the 1990s, Dhea was launched. It was popularized by many because of its anti-aging properties.

One of the benefits of taking the said capsule is that it helps to treat various sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunction.

A study was done to check the effectiveness of the pill. The researchers from the Vienna, Austria, conducted an experiment to check whether this capsule is good for treating erectile dysfunction.

The researchers required the respondents to take 50 milligrams of DHEA pill daily while the other patients were assigned to take a placebo. The experiment lasts for half a year. The researchers concluded that patients who use DHEA pills for six months have seen improvements in their sexual function and prevents the development of erectile dysfunction.

Another benefit of this popular pill is that it helps to treat the cognitive symptoms of depression and aging. Aside from its physical benefits, Dhea pills have something to do to address mental factors.

To prove this claim, many researchers have been done. Their researchers were focused on individuals who suffer from different maladies that indirectly impact the seniors; depression, poor mood, and cognitive decline.

The researchers concluded that the pill is a good treatment for treating cognitive symptoms if a person will maintain a good amount of DHEA inside their body.


DHEA is an over-the-counter pill. It is popular because of its different uses from improving sexual health, slow down the signs of aging, increase physical performances, and address signs and symptoms related to cognitive diseases.

Take note that the recommended dosage of DHEA capsules is 50 milligrams to 100 milligrams daily. If you have a pre-existing cognitive disease, make sure to stay away from this capsule. If you are planning to start taking it, ensure to consult the advice of a professional. Though some controversies question the efficacy of this pill, this might be a good treatment for the mentioned diseases.

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