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August 11, 2020

Diseases Caused By Bacteria…? Infectious Diseases

Do You Know Top Diseases Caused By Bacteria…?

Welcome everyone again with our new article. Diseases caused by bacteria, Day by day diseases getting increases. But we don,t know why these diseases come in our body. And What will be the solution to the diseases? Then today I am going to tell the overview of the Bacterial Diseases. These diseases are really dangerous. Can the loss of the Life. Then I am going to tell you The way in which you can handle or avoid the diseases which cause from bacteria. Bacterial Diseases are the real harmful diseases. First of all, I will clear all the doubts about these. There are some questions which are striking in your mind.

Why We Need To Know The Diseases Caused By Bacteria..?

This is the biggest question which is striking in your mind. Then I am going to tell the reason why you need to know..?. Let,s take an example. You got Ill from the bacterial diseases. Then what will you do? So for the solution, you need to know about these diseases. And you can solve or cure the diseases smoothly.

Name of the Bacterial Diseases…

  1. Tuberculosis.
  2. Cholera.
  3. Leprosy.
  4. Syphilis.
  5. Meningitis.
  6. Typhoid fever.
  7. Leptospirosis.
  8. Diptheria.
  9. Tetanus.
  10. Salmonellosis.
  11. Plague.
  12. Whooping cough.
  13. Listeriosis.
  14. Bubonic Plague.
  15. Lyme Disease.
  16. Chlamydia infection.
  17. Brucellosis.
  18. Meningococcal.
  19. Shigellosis.
  20. Psittacosis.
  21. Scarlet fever.
  22. Q fever.
  23. Pneumonic Plague.
  24. Campylobacteriosis.
  25. Clostridium Difficile Infection.
  26. Tularemia.
  27. Bacterial Pneumonia.
  28. Campylobacteriosis.
  29. Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.
  30. Bacteremia.
  31. Septicemic Plague.
  32. Cat-Scratch Disease.
  33. Glanders.
  34. Groups A Streptococcal infection.
  35. Ehrlichiosis.
  36. Rickettsia rickettsiae.
  37. Waterhouse – Friderichsen syndrome.
  38. Melioidosis.
  39. Rat – Bite Fever.
  40. Rheumatic fever.
  41. Erysipelas.
  42. Necrotizing Fasciitis.
  43. Impetigo.
  44. Granuloma.
  45. Actinomycosis.
  46. Osteomyelitis.
  47. Buruli ulcer.
  48. Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome.
  49. Relapsing fever.
  50. Yersiniosis.
  51. Lemierre’s Syndrome.
  52. Epidemic Typhus.

Above these are the some Of the diseases caused by bacteria. Now I will discuss these diseases and the cure for these diseases. I will not talk about all but I will talk about some of them properly. Which diseases are very common will be discussing Below.

  1. Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is the most dangerous diseases in bacterial diseases. TB is the short name of this diseases. This is the in top 3 diseases cause to death at the age of 15 to 45.

This video is copyrighted By Youtube channel ” DD News

  • Symptoms

  1. Fever
  2. Night Sweats
  3. Weight loss
  4. A cough
  5. And this the diseases which caused through air’s bacteria.
  • Cure & Prevention

The cure for the TB has stayed away from that person who was affected by the TB. And Use a mouth mask which can make u prevent TB bacteria. BCG Injection is the Syringe which is used to Prevent TB. And you can read more about it on TB Cure

  • Cause of TB

Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium is the bacteria which is spread from 1 person to another person through Air. Then 1 person who was affected by TB. Then through that person, You will also be affected.

  1. Cholera

Cholera diseases is also a bacterial disease caused even death. It is due to dehydration. And loss and lack of water.  It is caused by eating food or drinking water contaminated with a bacterium called Vibrio cholerae.

This Video is copyrighted from a Youtube channel ” What is cholera

  • Symptoms

  1. Rapid heartbeat
  2. Skin elasticity will be the decrease
  3. Dry mucous membranes, including the inside of the mouth, throat, nose, and eyelids
  4. Blood pressure will be low
  5. muscles cramp
  6. Thirst
  • Cure & prevention

You need to drink a lot of water. And Try to brush your teeth daily. Then you need to Wash your face and hands daily. Try to eat a fresh and proper washed food and use washed utensils. You can be got more Cholera details.

  1. Leprosy

Leprosy is a bacterial infection. It is caused by bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. This is a Strange bacteria. This is the ancient diseases. The first case of Leprosy found in 600 B.C. According to the WHO.

  • Symptoms

  1. Weaknees of muscles
  2. Hands, Arms, Feet got numb.
  3. lesions of the skin.
  • Cure & Prevention

Finally, the diseases developed by WHO in 1995 for this Bacterial diseases. Because It provides free among all the world. And now several antibiotic That will kill the bacteria. There are named as:-

  1. dapsone
  2. rifampin
  3. minocycline
  4. ofloxacin
  5. clofazimine

These are the name of Antibiotic. I will not responsible for any bad the effect take all with the instruction of the doctor.

  1. Syphilis

Syphilis is bacterial diseases which cause due to sexual contact. It can be treatable. Then without treatment, it can lead to death or disability. It is caused by a bacteria named as bacterium Treponema pallidum (T. pallidum). it occurs in 3 stage primary, secondary and tertiary. Then you need to stay away from these type of bacterial diseases.

  • Symptoms

  1. Muscles pain
  2. Fever
  3. Hair loss
  4. Mass loss
  5. Fatigue
  6. Sore throats
  7. Damage to heart & Blood vessels damage
  8. Gummas
  • Cure & Prevention

  1.   sex abstaining.
  2. long-term mutual Sex with an uninfected partner.
  3. condom use, although these protect only against genital sores and not those on the body.
  4. use of a dental dam, or plastic square, during oral sex.
  5. not sharing sex toys.
  6. avoiding alcohol and drugs that could potentially lead to unsafe sexual practices.

We will discuss rest diseases in our next post till you can read our previous posts.

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