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August 9, 2020

Handsome boy | 10 Tips How to be smart

How to be the smart | Handsome boy

Nowadays everyone wants to be a smart and handsome boy. Then keep your demand in mind I wrote this article for you then today we will talk about a handsome boy and how to be smart. then many questions take place in our mind about handsome.

Who Is Handsome…?

A good-looking face does not make you handsome. and a fair face also not make you handsome. For a handsome look, you need to be a perfect body and good dressing sense and a good talkative sense and looking fair and face still matter. Then forgot that thought that my face is dark or black then I cannot be handsome. I repeat face not matter a lot in handsome look but the body shape and other skills matter a lot. Every handsome boy is not looking fair. you can take examples of Hollywood actors.


How to be smart _ Handsome boy
 How to be smart _ Handsome boy

Tips To be a smart and handsome boy

  • Open Mind Thinking

Thinking matters a lot in looking handsome. now you are also thinking that how to be can handsome by change thinking..?. But that’s right that thinking matters a lot. if you change your thinking and be open minded then you will see the change in your body and be talking sense. everyone wants to talk you and be friendly with you.

  • Outdoor And Indoor Activity

Actually, these activities also change your body sense. then you will look handsome and you will think handsome. in outdoor activities, you can play with children and can be exercised. and be fit and in indoor you can play mobile games and PS games they change your thinking and make you cool.

  • Proper Diet

A proper diet maintains your health. then for a fit body, proper diet matters a lot. then take good diet and be fit. on,t eat too much, its cause fat. Then you will be fatty or a big belly that’s not good. Then take the proper and good diet.

  • Talking Sense

Change talking sense. talk in a good manner, in an impressing manner. that impress the other person who is talking to you. change sense makes sense. it is good to talk the person who is more respectful than you.

  • Dressing Sense

Dressing sense also matters a lot in looking handsome. because your behavior will be determined by your dressing sense.

First impression is the last impression

is the really great line and the good line for a handsome boy. a handsome boy always follows this line. then from now wear the dress that matches to you and with good fitting and proper way.

  • Be Passionate

This means you need to passionate about your work which you want. don,t think your work as the burden that, will make you sad and will affect you thinking. then take your work as your passion. that will help you to be Cool Dude.

  • Read Books

Be readable and need to develop habits of reading books. because reading books are good for your thinking and stability. The habit of reading is good for health and knowledge. Read the books which you like and be good. I’m not saying this to read history or other boring books. History is not boring that’s fun. Read the book which you love and feel good after reading that.

  • Focus On Your Knowledge

Many people start talking on that topic that they don,t know and start fighting on that. But if you wanna a handsome boy. Then you need to talk about some topic that you have full knowledge. Then you need to focus on your knowledge

  • Less But Effective Talk

That’s mean you need to talk less but words that affect other person talking to you. A handsome or smart boy never talks too much. He talks in limit and good words he uses always. Then I suggest you that talk in a good manner and effective talk.

  • Body Shape And Postures

A perfect body gives a perfect impression to another person. And your standing postures also matters the lot in looking handsome. Then you need to maintain a good body shape and be a good posture when you stand, talk, sit. And every time you need a good posture for your body.

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Antonio is a graduate of University of British Columbia and is currently getting his PHD in biomechanics at NYU. He has been covering health, fitness, and sports performance for over 3 years. He has been a contributor for several health and fitness publications.

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