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August 11, 2020

Healthy Reflexes that make a Baby Organic

Healthy Reflexes that make a baby organic

Alix Lelief-Delcourt is a writer for various media and the author of several books on diet, natural remedies, bio, etc. [Elisa Castro Guerra] is the author of the other blog. ” Healthy Reflexes that make a Baby Organic

This book offers a set of simple recommendations that can be easily integrated into everyday life. Gradually, they can become real “reflexes“. These recommendations cover the period from the first days of pregnancy to the baby’s first steps.

Some interesting information and points of view, concerning the topic “Baby health and the environment

Here is a list of information and points of view from the book, related to the theme “Baby Health and Environment”, and that I want to share with you.

  • The natural defense systems of babies and young children are still immature: they are therefore more sensitive to the pollution to which they are exposed.
  •  Adopting a healthy diet is essential for giving birth to a healthy baby. A healthy diet corresponds, in particular, to the ingestion of the minimum of chemical substances (pesticide residues, nitrates, food additives, etc.), because their effects are still too little known.
  • Establishing a birth list helps, among other things, to encourage family and friends to buy only products that match parents’ choices. In particular, these choices may concern the exposure of the baby to pollutants.
  • Polycarbonate baby bottles, which can be recognized by the symbol “7” on the bottom, are suspected of posing health risks for babies, especially because they may contain bisphenols. Glass bottles are the option of caution.
  • Washable diapers have several advantages:
  1. They do not contain chemicals. In some disposable diapers, Greenpeace studies have found the following substances: benzone, fural, dioxin, TBT, DBT, sodium polyacrylate;
  2. The natural materials of which they are made (cotton, bamboo, linen, hemp, etc.) increase the exchanges between the outside air and the baby’s skin. These materials, therefore, reduce the risk of erythema.
  • Three purchase criteria (cumulative) make it possible to choose safer cosmetic products for a baby:
  1. A “special baby” formulation, which guarantees that the product meets the specific needs of its sensitive skin;
  2. An organic label certifying the absence of certain families of chemical substances: dyes, synthetic oils, artificial fragrances, parabens, etc.
  3. A good brand.
  • Furniture made from solid (“raw”) wood and solvent-free paints reduces emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the indoor air.
  • Choosing a mattress composed of natural materials (organic cotton, untreated virgin wool, natural latex, coconut fiber, etc.) reduces the baby’s exposure to harmful substances.
  • Most modern household products can present risks, especially for baby’s health. “Grandma’s remedies” often prove to be just as effective. For example:
  1. Baking soda, to scour surfaces: bath, washbasin, etc.
  2. White vinegar, to disinfect, clean, descale and deodorize;
  3. Black soap, to clean the floors.
  • In order to maintain good indoor air quality, the following good practices can be implemented:
  • 15 minutes a day, air the baby’s room and the whole house at the same time;
  1. every day, sweep or vacuum on the floor of his room (note Guillaume: preferably in the absence of the baby, and ventilating during and/or after);
  2. Once or twice a month, clean and disinfect the baby’s toys.
  3. reflexes baby bio pollution

Some excerpts related to the theme “Baby health and the environment”

A British study was published in the European Journal of Pneumology in March 2008, highlighted the link between the frequent use by the pregnant woman of disinfectant type products, aerosols… and respiratory problems, asthma type, in her baby.

Against stretch marks: shea butter or vegetable oil. To best prevent these unsightly traces, there are not thirty-six solutions. We must hydrate. Coat each evening with unrefined shea butter, massaging the skin for a long time. Vegetable oil has an effect on both preventive and curative. Our favorite oils: sweet almond.

And the does [for pregnant women]? Be careful with the products you use. The majority of deodorants are stuffed with toxic substances. So it is better to turn to organic alternatives.

A nursing mother should be careful about what she eats. Indeed, studies have shown that various chemicals absorbed by the mother are found in her milk. It is therefore important to have a bio and diversified […] diet. But not only: we must also avoid all other causes of toxic absorption. Never take medication without the advice of your doctor, avoid repainting the whole house with paints filled with solvents, do not use pesticides while gardening, etc.

The small bio pots, that’s good. But homemade purees is better! The only condition: that fruits and vegetables are organic. Toddlers are very fragile in the face of toxins […] A toddler can ingest much more pesticides than an adult. At this age, he consumes more fruit and vegetables than a large […] proportion of his height and weight, a baby eats up to three or four times more than his parents. Result: he is more exposed.

Some comparative studies show that organic foods have a higher content of certain nutrients: vitamin C in certain fruits, iron, and magnesium in certain vegetables, proteins in cereals, omega 3 in meat and dairy products…

What if I keep my bottles in polycarbonate? Some precautions are necessary

  1. Do not wash in the dishwasher or with strong detergents. Prefer warm soapy water.
  2. Do not heat them in the microwave.
  3. Do not pour boiling water in it.
  4. Discard them if they have been washed too often if they are damaged or scratched.

Thinner, the skin of a baby is also more fragile because immature

Before 3 years, it absorbs all that is applied, beneficial molecules as harmful substances, irritates and dehydrates quickly. But potentially dangerous components are legion in cosmetics.

Cotton is a natural fiber. Certainly. But today, it undergoes so many chemical treatments (mercerization, anti-felting treatment, bleaching, dyeing …) that there is almost nothing natural in the bodysuits and pajamas that we buy! As a result, chemical residues can cause irritation and allergies.

Plastic is not fantastic. But not at all! It contains phthalates, chemicals suspected of causing cancer and disrupting hormonal function. But we find them everywhere, especially in soft PVC toys that baby nibbles and sucks innocently.

My opinion

The +:

An assessment of classic “bio-health” recommendations;

A clear presentation, oriented towards a concrete and immediate implementation.

The – :

The recommendations are based on common sense and caution. Some readers may find that some recommendations are unnecessarily cautious. For most of the proposed recommendations, the book does not provide specific justifications, which would make it possible to build an opinion.

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