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August 11, 2020

How to develop personality | 10 Top way

How to develop Personality

Hi, guys the topic of the day is How to develop Personality. It’s not too hard. but not be too easy.. then, first of all, We need to know about some basic things in personality development. Then there are many questions are rising in our mind that why personality need to be developed and what is personality…? and how to develop Personality..? Then now we talk about it. Every person wants a developed Personality. And looks attractive. But not everyone was possible. then today I will tell you that how every person can easily develop his/her personality. Then first we will clear some questions then we will go ahead.

What is personality…?

The personality is the pattern of our body. Which define our thinking, dressing sense, Feeling, and behavior that makes a person slightly different from other. this is the proper definition of personality in my way. You will find many definitions of Personality online. But this will be unique and a simple definition of the Personality. then the other question is raising in my and your mind will be. Why we need to develop our personality…? Let,s talk about it.

Why we need to develop our personality…?

Now I will tell you the answer to this question that why we need to develop Personality…?. Every one has a dream that he/she looks unique in a crowd. Then the personality makes you different from other. That,s the reason why we need to develop our personality. And a unique personality always is a success. And When Your Thinking and behavior is good and different. Then you will be a unique person in a crowd. now the Last Question is How to develop Personality…?. Let,s talk about it

How to Develop Strong Personality…?

Hloo, Everyone this is the main topic of today that how to develop Personality. Then let’s start without wasting the words.

First of all, I am talking all the way briefly and after it, I will explain every Tip.

  1. Try to treat people respectfully and lovingly
  2. Supports other for a good work.
  3. Try to be funny and enjoy humor
  4. And try to be a great outlook
  5. Be faithful with yourself.
  6. Try to be meet new people
  7. try to put your opinion.
  8. Try to expand your interset.
  9. Always listen other people care. to be a good listener
  10. Always be a good conversationalist.
  • Try to treat people respectfully and lovingly

This is the real, That if you treat people with respect. Then your personality will increase in their eyes and in their heart. You ill unique for her/him. Because you Gave Him/Her Respect. there is too many importance of personality development. Then give gratitude to the people. nothing is will be greater than this for him/her.

  • Supports other for a good work

Support other people for their good work not for their bad work. When someone is going well. Then try to be with him/her. Because he/she doing well. and He/she need supporters for their work. And then your personality will increase automatically. you will see the benefit of this.

  • Try to be funny and enjoy humor

This is not a tip. This is a trick that makes you cool and Provides you a good personality. That try to be funny not always but sometimes. It will be Change your behavior for the peoples and change your nature. You will start liking peoples and people start liking you. And your life will be full of enjoying. Then always be happy and keep people happy. This will be you Attractive and develop your personality. Always enjoy humor.

  • And try to be a great outlook

Try to be great outlook means. Your outlook attitude and your dress. It will matter a lot for Personality development. Because a Good dressing sense will increase your personality. Then always wear the outlook. Which makes you look good and match with your body. And put an attitude on your face when you are with your friends and relatives, Then go for better not for costly and cheap. Wear a cloth which helps you to look handsome. Read our previous post:- How to look handsome.

  • Be faithful with yourself

faithful to yourself means. confident yourself. Believe in your self that you can do anything. It will help you to be faithful in your self and personality development. Then always keep faith in your self. And when you start believing in your self. Then peoples will start believing in you. You will develop a great personality.

  • meet new people

When you will meet any new person then try to be polite and confident against him/her. It will increase your personality in the heart and eyes of the new people. And try to meet new peoples Means go outside and meet peoples and take experience. And experience makes a man perfect. The perfect man has his/her own unique personality.

  • Try to put your opinion

Try to put your opinion in front of new and other peoples to make a bond. When you put your opinion then peoples come to know that this person is very knowledgeable and a good personality. Your personality will increase in front of other people. And put a good opinion. You have great knowledge about that. It will make you better in the crowd and develop your personality.  

  • expand your interest

When you are with other peoples then tell them about your interests. It will be cool when you tell about yourself to other. They will be friendly with you and feel good for you. In this manner, your personality will be the increase in the front of the peoples. Try it will be helpful for you.

  • Always listen other people care. to be a good listener

Always be a good listener means. Listen to others Talk very carefully. Don,t Do any other acts when you are talking to someone. It will decrease your personality in front of that people then try to listen her/him talk very carefully. It will help you to increase your personality.

  • Always be a good conversationalist

It means that always be a good conversationalist. It means to start the conversation first. it will be cool for you. and start a good conversation not bullshits. it will affect your personality if you start bullshits. Then your personality will be decreased. And if you start a good conversation then your personality will be increased automatically.

Then I will suggest you to always thinking about your personality. Because a person will be judged by his/her personality. always be a good personality person. and take the first impression. and you know it very well that the first impression is the last impression. then today we talked about how to develop Personality. we will meet in next post till reading our previous posts.

How to develop personality
How to develop personality


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