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August 9, 2020

How to impress a Girl | Top 10 Way To Impress

How to impress a Girl | Top 10 Way To Impress

Today we will talk about how to impress a girl. Every boy wants to be a Girlfriend but not everyone can. Then today I will tell you that ways to impress a girl. No matters you belong from a poor family or rich family. But your way to talk and dressing sense and standing postures etc… Maters a lot. Skin color also not matters. but looking good will be matter.

Then everyone has the dream to the inbuilt ability of the impressing girl. A boy who has no girlfriend feel alone. But I want to tell you that Girls never be better than your friends. And everyone knows about this But Boys wants to have sex. But I am not saying that everyone. Someone really loves and care. and someone has a crush. then let it go. and start the ways to impress girls.

Top Way To Impress A Girl:

  1. Make a good dressing sense
  2. Need to well groomed
  3. Need to behave politely
  4. Be time punctual
  5. try to feel her special
  6. Make her laugh to impress
  7. Try to Be Eye contact
  8. Be confidential
  9. Give something special to her
  10. Give her priority first then the phone
  11. Always support her
  12. Ask her before taking the decision
  13. Trying to good conservation
  14. Just be good for everyone
  15. Behave sincerely

These are the way to impress her. Follow these and get your crush in your heart. That your crush is already in your heart. Then I mean to give a place for you in her heart.

Let’s talk about them with the explanation. to how to impress a girl

  • Make a good dressing sense

Try to make a good dressing sense that impresses not a girl but also everyone present there. because dressing sense makes a positive effect in the heart of peoples. Good dressing sense means the way of wearing clothes. that take an example. when you wear a shirt with fitting. It looks good but when you wear. It without good fitting it will be awkward. Then wear clothes in a proper manner.

  • Need to well groomed

Well groomed means choose a good facial and hairstyle and nails and your body. that means you need to choose a good hairstyle that matches your face looks. And be patent your nails with proper shape and size. and never be a bad posture of your body.

  • Need to behave politely

To Impress a girl you need to behave politely. Because of a girl like those guys who behave polite and good with her and others also. Then try to be polite with others. This is important for How to impress a girl

  • Be time punctual

Time punctuality is also a good point effect on a girl. The timing is really important for everyone. that helps us a lot for everything. then go according to time. it will be better to impress a girl.

  • Try to feel her special

This will be the awesome moment when you fell her special. Because at that time she has no words for you and you got a special place in her heart. And Always be thankful for her.

  • Make her laugh to impress

This skill does not have everyone. But I have. Really laughing at a girl make you king for her. You will be the most required guys for her. And she wants to be always with you.

  • Try to Be Eye contact

Try to be eye contact with her.B ut at special moments not always. Understand. I mean at special moments like when you are too close to her or something emotional..etc….

  • Be confidential

Always be confidential in front of her. not in front of her but also in front of her. Because this could make you respectable in the heart of others. then be confidential. if you tell wrong then try to accept them.

  • Give something special to her

This is the also a great thing to impress a girl. because girls love those guys who treat her politely and give her priority and take something special gift for her. then give something unforgettable. and after that, you will also be unforgettable for her.

  • Give her priority first then the phone

This is also a good tip that always gives her priority. 1st priority means 1st no one will be before then her. because girls like them who gave her priority.

These are the some of the tips for you then if you want to how to look handsome then read our posts and if you are so thin then how to become fat and wants to be a smart then handsome boy and wants to fair then how to become fair naturally and permanently

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