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December 27, 2020

How to make love | Making love | Love Making

How to make love | Making love | Love Making

Hello, guys today we will talk about. How to make love this is not a work or anything it is simply a feeling. That occurs when we start loving someone. Love making is simple tips on how to make love. Easily you can make love with some simples tips. that today I will tell you that. Making love is an easy task with some simple trick on Your partner.  Then today I am here to tell you the simple and long-lasting way to love making and making love and how to make love. These three words meaning is related same. then, first of all, we discuss what is love…?

What Is Love…?

Love has a different definition in a different way. There is a different type of love.

For example:- your moms love your dad’s love, your friends love. your sister love, your girlfriend love

You experience all the loves in a differing manner. I mean when you father pat your back when you experience a proud or love feeling. When you got injurious then your mother care of you. Then you experience a Differ type of love feeling. When your sister makes food for you and gave some money to you. Then you experience another type of love feeling.  and same as girlfriend and friends. But you can,t experience the same feeling of love for your girlfriend & your sister $ your mother.

In simple word, love is feeling that express your behavior according to the person in which manner you like her/him.

Now we are going to discuss the tips to Making love and how to make love Briefly these are the following:-

  1. Sex is not just Sex. It is a connection to souls of the lover.
  2. Kissing increase your bonding power B/w You and your partner.
  3. Telling the feeling to each other hows he/she feels when you are near to me.

Now I will explain all 3 tips in an elaborated manner.

  • Sex is not just Sex. It is a connection to souls of the lover

Sex is not just sex. it is the connection to souls f the lover. this is the line which determines the power of the sex. sex is not just a body connection. this is really the connection of souls. When you and your partner having sex at that time you need to feel the power of sex. That will determine you and your feeling. It is not easy to feel each other. you can feel each other when your bonding is too strong and you are the relationship with her/him for a long time.

A long time relation makes you and your partner a soulmate. And sex is the meeting of the soulmates. Sex is the part of making love. Then now you will deeply be understood. that what is sex…? and why and what is need of sex…?. Then keep in mind sex is not just sex. It is the meeting of two souls. and lovemaking.

  • Kissing increase your bonding power B/w You and your partner

Kissing increase your bonding power B/w you and your partner. When you kiss you, partner, then you feel an amazing feeling. that feeling will realize that will be love. Then keep in mind that kissing is not a normal process that will help you to increase bonding B/w you and your partner.

Then when you kiss his/her then feel the love and go deep inside the love. Then you realize that love is so deep and the taste of the kiss. this is really effective I tried. then I am telling you everything. then keep it in mind that kissing is the bond B/w the two soulmates.

  • Telling the feeling to each other hows he/she feels when you are near to me

This line means a lot. Because sharing problems and feeling to each other make the relationship strong. Then when you are near her/his then you need to be funny. And when you are near to her/his then how you feel..? tell this to your partner. this will increase your bond power with your lover or partner. you need to spend time with your partner as much as you can. but not too much. then keep this line in your mind always. That telling the feelings to each other hows he/she feels when you are near to me. always share ideas or thoughts with your partner.

Thanx for reading it. Today I share my view on how to make love and making love and lovemaking. I think that will help you a lot in making love. and love is the best and awesome feeling in the world. when you experience this feeling you will be got relief for daily life problem.

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