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August 9, 2020

Masturbation Side Effects What Do You Know ..?| Avoid Masturbation

Masturbation Side Effects | Avoid Masturbation

Masturbation is a common problem for young guys nowadays. 90 out of 100 is the doing masturbation in empty time then today me will take masturbation side effects. There are too many side effects of masturbation. masturbation is not a good habitat all it makes your week and your life will be depressed. Then masturbation side effects are really massive side effects.

Which make your body weak. first of all, we need to talk about this habit. when a child comes to adolescence age, the habit or willpower of the sex makes him/her to masturbation. The most of guys start masturbation at age of 15 to 18 and more. then today we will talk about the masturbation side effects.

Masturbation side effect Briefly:

    1. Sometimes you will see darkness
    2. you will start losing your hair rapidly
    3. Boring life
    4.  Penis will curve upward
    5. penis shrinkage
    6. Sperm will be thin and the count will be low
    7. mentally weak and depressed
    8. Weak in a physical manner

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Explaining all the points above…Step By Step…

Darkness problem occurs

many time when you working on the computer or other things, then you will see darkness for a little instant. this is due to masturbation side effects. Many times this effect was shown by many of the guys. This is not a normal problem since it is a major problem which makes you permanently blind.

You will start losing hair rapidly

in this condition, you will start losing hair rapidly. masturbation side effects. has many side effects this is also a side effect which effects you a lot and makes your hair loss. then you need to improve your habit of masturbation.

Life will be boring

a person who is addicted to masturbation has a boring life nothing to do. then he/she will feel all the day and his/her life will be half. they will never to enjoy.

Penis Will curve upward

After one month or 2 months, you will see that your penis will curve upward and now it will slightly bend upward. and you feel that actually what happened with my penis…….?. but this is the very common problem. Actually, this happened with everyone who has done too much sex. then the penis will curve upward or bend in any side.

Penis Shrinkage ( Masturbation side effects )

This is also a very common side effect of masturbation. penis shrinkage means after the masturbation of the penis will shrink for a short time interval. and you will feel pain in the penis after too much masturbation.

Sperm will be thin and the count will be low

Sperm will be thin or count will be low means after too much masturbation. the quality of sperm will change and the sperm will be thin. and like water and count will be low means less in quantity. the quantity of the sperm will be less. this is also a major problem which effects you future not present in future. you will suffer from the problems.how to look handsome

mentally weak and depressed

Now I am telling you the main problems which cause you more harm. then this is the greatest one which causes mental illness. masturbation side effects. are the effect which makes you weak in every way. as this effect you mentally weak and you will start losing memory power randomly and your learning and understanding power ill be too weak in future due to the too much masturbation. then I am suggesting you to left the masturbation. and focus on your future and will be successful men or women in the future that’s matter lot. then left the masturbation from now. And this is also a major side effect of the masturbation. How to become fat   

Weak in a physical manner

you will be weak in a physical manner also. I already told you that masturbation makes you weak in every manner. you will never be developed in the physical and mental way. and your body will start losing weight and you will be thin that you can not think. and your body development depends on you that what you want..?. how to gain weight fast in 1 week

I think now you understood the masturbation side effects. that how much masturbation harm our body in every way than from today left the habit of masturbation and be a Shkt Londa. masturbation has many benefits also we will discuss them in our next post this is enough for today.Health and glow

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