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August 11, 2020

Obsessive Love Disorder – Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Obsessive Love Disorder – Signs, Symptoms, Causes and treatment plans

What is Obsessive Love Disorder? Love is one of the most aspired and prestigious feeling that every person desires to have in life. The most joyful from all type of feeling is, knowing that someone adores, cherishes and loves you. Every individual has the desire to be loved by someone. We know that there are many types of love like the love of the mother, love of grandparents, etc.

But we are talking about the purest form of love that is the Romantic relationship with your wife or girlfriend. There are different stages of love in a romantic relationship. Romantic relationships may be healthy or unhealthy. The healthier ones are fruitful while the unhealthier ones are dangerous for your relationship. You can check How to make love.

In the earlier stages of love, there comes a period of infatuation. It is a condition in which a person will think only about his/her lover. We will dream and think to spend each and every moment with his/her love. In this time, you can’t live without sending a good morning or good night message to your boyfriend or girlfriend. The infatuation will end in the healthier form of relationships with the use of friendship, commitments, respect, truthfulness, and honesty.

The healthier love relationships will help the individuals to enjoy their life in a better way with their loving ones. They will make stronger commitments for their life and will add the flavor of trust and honesty in their relationships. But if the infatuation condition is not fading, then you are going towards unhealthier relationships or obsessive love relationship. It will give you the Obsessive Love Disorder. The detail of this disorder is given below. If you are also suffering from it, then just go through the whole content for the best results.

What is meant by Obsessive Love Disorder?

What characterizes obsessive love disorder? The Obsessive Love Disorder is a condition in which a person ( the obsessive lover ) becomes obsessed with the other person whom he loves ( partner of the obsessive lover). You will feel to protect your loving ones in an obsessive way and also feel to control them with your obsessed actions. It is also known as OLD in the world. Almost 6 out of 10 couples are suffering from this condition in their early relationship days. There are now special medicines for this disorder. As it is related to your mind, therefore, you can consult your psychologist. But before treatment, you have to know the symptoms of Obsessive Love Disorder. Some of them are available in this article for your understanding.

One of the fearful thing about the OLD is that it can be violent. You will beat your partner or show aggressive behavior to your loving ones. But it might give you the reward of death. In order to protect your romantic relationships, you have to keep yourself aware of the symptoms of this disorder. Suffering from OLD can give you many negative effects in your life, including unemployment and ruining of your personal business. The killing has become the most negative effects of Obsessive Love Disorder. Therefore, get the idea of symptoms from this article.

What are the symptoms of Obsessive Love Disorder?

There are hundreds of symptoms of Obsessive Love Disorder. If you want to get rid of them, then you have to understand the symptoms first. In short, if you want to save your relationship from the very first day, then you have to focus on healthier relationships steps. Eradication of OLD will help you to develop a good relationship. Have a look at symptoms.

  • The utmost desire to spend your full time with love object.
  • You may feel extreme attractions to your loved ones.
  • You will think about your loving ones in an obsessed way
  • Going in an absurd way with your loved ones.
  • Feelings to protect your loving object at the extreme level.
  • There will be possessive thoughts and behavior related to your loving ones
  • You may feel delusional jealousy from your partner
  • Addiction of your loved object
  • You may ask for the lovely words from your partner for the assurance
  • There will be low self-esteem
  • Self-confidence will also start losing.
  • Sending texts and making phone calls to your love object repeatedly
  • You will be kicked out from the friend zone of your friends
  • The distance will increase with your parents.
  • You will monitor that actions of the love object
  • Interpersonal relationships will be on the destroying end
  • Controlling the activities of the girlfriend or your boyfriend.
  • You will become dependent on your partner.
  • Compromising your valuable relationships to pay attention to your girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Focusing more about your love object rather than paying attention to your daily work
  • Making more number of phone calls is also a form of Obsessive Love Disorder symptoms.

These are the symptoms that you have to check if you are new in your relationship. If any two or three from the above-mentioned points are existing in yourself, then you are suffering from the problem of OLD. Try to make consultations to your doctors to get rid from them. Otherwise, they will become a headache for your mental health.

What are the signs of Obsessive Love Disorder?

If you are thinking that there are two or three signs of Obsessive Love Disorder, then you are wrong. There are multiple signs of the OLD. If you are willing to know all of them, then they are available here for your help. Knowing these signs will help you to develop a healthier relationship with your partner. Therefore, understand them well from this paragraph.

Five signs of Obsessive Love Disorder:

These five signs are very common for Obsessive Love Disorder. Almost 6 out of 10 people are suffering from these signs. Therefore, they are vital to know.

  • Addictiveness
  • Possessiveness
  • Delusional jealousy
  • Extreme infatuation
  • Psychological control

The Delusional Jealousy:

When a relationship will be going towards the infatuation, then the first sign that will appear is delusional jealousy. You might become jealous of your partner due to many things. You might become irritated from your partner because he or she will talk in an irregular way. Therefore, you have to get rid of this situation to enjoy a colorful life with your partner. Apart from this, you can get rid of the jealousy by consulting your psychologist.

The addictiveness:

If you are in love with your partner at the extreme level, then you will also be suffering from the addictiveness problem. You or your partner will think to spend their whole time with respected partners. The care about someone’s timing will not be maintained. It is present in the list of signs of Obsessive Love Disorder. The most-worse thing about this sign is, you will not be able to do anything without your partner. They are the same addictions like alcohol and drugs. Therefore, try to consult your doctor fast if you are willing to get rid of this situation. Otherwise, you will be addicted to your partner and he/she will be the whole world for you. You will increase the distance from your parents and other loving ones.

The Psychological control:

The psychological control is a condition of social influence that is usually exerted on the individuals by using their underhanded controls and tactics. There will be unknown victims of this control. On the other hand, it will also impose many other serious disorders. In this condition, you will impose conditions on your partners. In short, your partner will become dependent on you. Therefore, if you are feeling that you or your partner is suffering from this condition, then you have to make consultations with your doctor or the psychologist. It will be good to get control over this situation in the start. Once it will speed up, then it will be difficult to control. This is also present in the top signs of Obsessive Love Disorder.

The possessiveness:

Possessiveness is also one of the signs of Obsessive Love Disorder. In this condition, you will become afraid of losing your partner. You will feel insecure about the security of your love object. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of this situation. Otherwise, you will start losing affection and love towards your partner. Apart from this, you will start dominating your partner on the extreme level. Try to avoid from such condition to make your life more beautiful.

The Extreme Infatuation:

The extreme type of infatuations will occur at the start of every relationship. Therefore, you have to pay attention to this problem. They will affect your long-lasting relationships in a bad way. Your partner will torture you with many words. This is also included in the list of signs of Obsessive Love Disorder. You have to pay some serious attention to these problems. Otherwise, they are going to affect your beautiful relationships.

These are the five signs that you have to take care if you are new in your relationship. Avoiding them will be harmful to your mental and physical health. It will give you the reward of death. Therefore, all these signs are very harmful to your health. For removing the problems of infatuation, you have to consult your doctor or the physician. For moving in a good relationship, you have to focus on your mental health. Better the mind power, better will be your relationship. If you are in a relationship, then you have to focus on many points to enjoy a good relationship.

How you can diagnose the Obsessive Love Disorder?

If you are suffering from these diseases and want to get rid in an easy way, then it is the best place for you. You have to consult your doctor in these type of situations. On the other hand, psychological disorders can be removed from your mind with the help of the psychologist. If you are getting some symptoms from the above mentioned one, then take them seriously.

Loving someone is one of the most-best feelings of life. Love will open the new doors of success and relationship that will help you to get many advantages. Due to this. You have to develop a strong relationship with your loving ones. If you will develop unhealthy relationships, then they will become the bone of your neck. Therefore, consulting with your doctor is necessary if you are suffering from these diseases. Following the diet chart is also necessary to develop a good relationship with your partner because the diet will help to maintain good mental health.

How the Obsessive Love Disorder is treated?

There are multiple ways to get rid of Obsessive Love Disorder. It also has the medications and therapy techniques. Apart from these two, you can also take the help of psychotherapy. The medicines that you will use will affect the brain chemicals. So, in this way, you will be able to reduce the symptoms of this disorder. On the other hand, doctors are also recommending medicines and therapies for these situations.

  • You can use Xanax and Valium as the anti-anxiety medications.
  • Zoloft and Paxil are also prescribed as an antidepressant
  • The medicines for the mood as also prescribed by the doctors.
  • Antipsychotics are best for the Obsessive Love Disorder.

These are the some things or the medicines that you have to follow to get the versatile advantages. But try to follow the description of your doctor to get rid of these situations. On the other hand, if you are willing to avoid from the OLD, then therapy is also the best choice for you. The medications can be found on the internet. But for that, you have to choose the best place.

Side effects of the medications:

There are some side effects that you might catch if you are using medications for the treatment of Obsessive Love Disorder. Although they are less in number, you have to focus on them to get possible advantages.

  • You might suffer from the fatigue if you will over consume medications.
  • Dry mouth is also a possible side effect
  • Insomnia and nausea are also the side effects
  • You might gain your weight by medicines
  • Loss of libido can also be a severe side effect


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