Similarly, What does GF-9 supplement do?

GF-9 is meant to naturally boost GH levels. There are several advantages of taking GH. For example, enhanced libido desire, lower body fat, increased lean muscular mass, and improved skin are just a few of the benefits.

Also, it is asked, Is GF-9 supplement safe?

While all of the amino acids listed on the label are healthy and normal parts of the human diet, medical experts warn that high dosages of Schizonepeta may harm the liver. There have been no long-term investigations on the safety of GF-9 or SeroVital supplementation.

Secondly, What is the product GF-9?

GF-9 is the first and only non-prescription dietary supplement that has been scientifically shown to boost GH levels by up to 682 percent organically. GF-9 is a highly specialized amino acid mixture that targets the pituitary gland to naturally promote growth hormone synthesis with one daily dosing administered orally.

Also, How fast does GF-9 work?

The firm that distributes GF-9, Novex Biotech, includes an important disclaimer at the bottom of their “Science” page: “Our findings suggest that a single oral dosage of these amino acids may considerably enhance GH Levels after 120 minutes in healthy men and women*.”

People also ask, What are the side effects of GF-9?

For healthy people, HGH medication may induce a variety of adverse effects, including carpal tunnel syndrome. Insulin resistance has increased. Diabetes type 2. Inflammation of the arms and legs (edema) Muscle and joint discomfort Breast tissue hypertrophy in males (gynecomastia) Certain tumors are at a higher risk.

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Is GF-9 the same as SeroVital?

Review of SeroVital HGH This supplement employs the same active component composition (down to the 2.9g dosage) as GF9, another supplement that claims to boost growth hormone levels dramatically. According to ZoomInfo, both organizations have the same business address, which is a little dubious.

Is HGH harmful?

Human growth hormone at high levels for a long time may cause per