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August 11, 2020

What to do with Empty Perfume Bottles – 5 Great Ideas

Things you can do with empty Unique Perfume Bottles

For quite a few people, perfumes are more a necessity than a luxury. Collecting perfumes is a hobby for some people; People who are fond of the good things in life. They have their evergreen favorites in their collection at all times and they purchase any other perfumes that appeal to them.

Apart from just the fragrance, the bottles of some perfumes are also quite appealing. Some fragrances have such unique perfume bottles, that you do not want to throw them away. In fact, when you purchase a perfume, you are paying for the entire package which includes the perfume and the beautiful bottle. Some perfumes come packaged in extremely beautiful and unique bottles. Different shapes, colors, sizes etc.

In fact, many people end up buying a perfume only because their bottles look so appealing and pretty. These bottles are in fact, pieces of art, which you can use to decorate your dresser and vanity. In this article, we show 5 great ideas to show you how to use your empty perfume bottles

What to do with Empty Perfume Bottles

What to do with Empty Perfume Bottles

A bottle speaks volumes about the fragrance inside. Generally, a flowery scent will come packages in a flowery bottle which has a cap shaped like a flower or a bottle in the shape of a flower etc. Something feminine is usually packaged in pinks and other pastel colors; Musky or masculine shapes generally come packaged in angular bottles.

If you go perfume shopping, you will be confused on what to buy since the packaging of some bottles is so beautiful. Perfumes come in many types of bottles; Some of the more unique types of packaging are fruit-shaped bottles, bottles embellished with magnificent crystals, gold-plated bottles, perfume bottles shaped like tiaras, bottles with caps shaped like diamonds, peacocks and so much more. How unique a perfume bottle can be is only limited by your imagination. In fact, the more unique a bottle is, the greater is its appeal.

You will find perfume bottles that come shaped as handcuffs, or a snow globe or even a show. Some of these bottles don’t even look like perfume bottles and could pass off as fancy showpieces. Vintage perfume bottles are also very popular because of how pretty they look and the lovely colors they come in. At times, designers launch a limited edition of a specific perfume in a unique and fancy bottle. Such bottles become collector’s items.

If you want to package your perfume in a unique bottle, there is no dearth of options to choose from. You can choose from any possible shape and design. In fact, when choosing which perfume to buy, most customers often get attracted by the beauty or the uniqueness of a bottle. These bottles are so beautiful that even after using the perfume, you do not want to throw the bottle away.

But generally, what happens is that after keeping the empty bottle for years, we cannot figure out a use for it, so we throw it away. However, these unique perfume bottles can be used for many things.

Some Uses of Unique Empty Perfume Bottles

    1. Because these bottles are so pretty, you can store safety pins, thumb pins, and thumbtacks in these. You can also use these beautiful bottles to store needles and bob pins and even buttons. In fact, they make excellent places to store your knick-knacks and you don’t need to hide them in a drawer. You can proudly display them on your dressing table or vanity. Once you clean the bottle really well, leave it out in the sun for some time so that the scent disappears. You can store small edible items in these bottles such as seeds, nuts etc.
    2. Depending on the type of bottle it is, you can even make a pen stand out of it. An edgy, angular bottle will make the perfect pen stand for a man’s workspace and a curvy, colorful bottle converted into a pen stand will look lovely on a woman’s desk.
    3. Some perfume bottles are very uniquely designed and make excellent vases. Depending on the size of the bottle, you can put bigger flowers in slightly bigger bottles and smaller lighter flowers in smaller bottles.
    4. Some perfume bottles are so pretty, that they do not look like bottles at all. Use them as showpieces around your home and get complimented on your sense of style and taste.
    5. If you are of an artistic bend of mind, you can further beautify these empty unique perfume bottles by painting them and embellishing them with stones, sequins etc.

Next time you have a beautiful and unique perfume bottle that you love, but don’t know what to do with it, try some of the above ideas. Beautify your home as well as the environment.


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