Similarly, When must an insurer provide a Medicare Supplement Buyer’s Guide and an outline of coverage?

At the time of application, the insurer must give a Medicare Supplement Buyer’s Guide and an Outline of Coverage. A preexisting condition is one for which advice or treatment was suggested or obtained within six months of the effective date of coverage, according to certain LTC plans.

Also, it is asked, Which of the following entities regulate variable life policies?

The state and federal governments, as well as the Insurance Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission, regulate variable life insurance.

Secondly, At what age may an individual make withdrawals from an HSA quizlet?

Distributions from an HSA may be taken for any reason when a person reaches 65 (or upon the death or incapacity of the HSA owner). Such transfers, however, would be taxed as regular income.

Also, How long must an insurer retain an advertisement?

How long must an insurer keep a long-term care insurance advertisement? All advertisements must be kept for at least three years from the day they were first utilized by the insurance company.

People also ask, Which renewal provision must all Medicare supplement policies contain quizlet?

Coverage for Medicare Part A-eligible hospital charges not paid by Medicare from the 61st to the 90th day of any Medicare benefit period, the coinsurance amount of Medicare Part B-eligible expenses, and coverage under Medicare.

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Which renewal provision must all Medicare supplement policies include?

Any reservation by the issuer of the right to adjust premiums, as well as any automatic renewal premium increases depending on the policyholder’s age, must be included in the continuation clause. The provisions must be labeled and appear on the policy’s first page.

What must an agent receive to sell variable life insurance policies?

A life insurance license and a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) authorized representative’s license are required to market variable insurance products.

What is group variable life insurance?

A contract between you and an insurance company is a variable life insurance policy. It is designed to fulfill specific insurance requirements, financial ambitions, and tax planning purposes. It’s an insurance that pays a certain sum to your family or other people (your beneficiaries) after you die.

Who regulates Variable Life products?

Variable policies are classified as securities contracts due to investment risks. The securities laws of the United States govern them. Sales professionals must give a prospectus of various investment products to prospective purchasers in accordance with federal laws.

What is an HSA quizlet?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is used to pay for or repay medical costs. To be qualified for an HSA, you must meet certain criteria.

At what age may an individual make withdrawls from an HSA for nonhealth purposes without being penalized?

age 65

What is national health insurance quizlet?

A socialized insurance system in which treatment is provided by private practitioners and is funded by required payments from employers and workers.

Which of the following is a requirement for standard Medicare supplement plans?

What are the conditions? People must be at least 65 years old and apply for a Medicare supplement coverage within six months after enrolling in Medicare Part B, regardless of their health.

Which of the following entities ultimately decides if an advertisement is complete and truthful?

Advertisements must be “truthful and not deceptive in fact or by implication,” according to advertising standards. But who judges if an advertisement is true or false? The Commissioner of Insurance makes the decision, and it’s worth noting that his or her degree of examination varies according on the target market.

Which of the following must be included in all life insurance advertisement?

All life insurance commercials must feature which of the following? Correct! All advertising must include the name of the real insurer.

What does a Medicare supplement cover quizlet?

A health insurance policy issued by private insurance firms to fill up the coverage gaps in Original Medicare is known as a Medigap Policy. Deductibles and coinsurance requirements are examples of coverage gaps. Federal and state laws must be followed in the policies.

What is a Medicare Select policy does all of the following except?

A Medicare SELECT insurance includes everything but. Payment for routinely covered services supplied by non-network providers should be prohibited. Social Security Disability payments would not be terminated in which of the following scenarios?

Which type of care is not covered by Medicare quizlet?

Part A of Medicare does not cover long-term or custodial care. The following is a breakdown of Part A SNF coverage and the cost-sharing amounts that the enrolled person is responsible for: -Medicare covers all authorized costs for the first 20 days of a benefit period.

Which of the following is true about Medicare supplemental insurance plans?

Which statement concerning Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans is correct? The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services regulates them (CMS). When Medicare changes cost sharing levels like deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments, the plan benefit amounts immediately adjust.

Which of the following is not covered by Medicare?

Routine dental checkups, most dental treatment, and dentures are not covered. Routine eye examinations, glasses, or contacts are all available. Hearing aids, as well as associated tests and services.

Which of the following services are covered by Medicare Part B?

Part B of Medicare assists in the coverage of medically essential services such as doctor’s visits and testing, outpatient treatment, home health care, durable medical equipment, and other medical services. Some preventative services are also included under Part B.

Which of the following are features of a variable life insurance policy?

A variable universal life insurance policy is a form of permanent life insurance. Cash value, investment diversity, adjustable premiums, and a flexible death benefit are among its advantages.

What are variable contracts in insurance?

Pertaining defined in Sections 31A-5-217 and 31A-18-102, a variable contract is a policy or contract that offers life insurance or annuity benefits that may change depending on the investing experience of any separate account or accounts maintained by the insurer as to the policy or contract.

Which of the following determines the cash value of a Variable Life policy?

A variable life policy’s cash value is determined by which of the following factors? The policy portfolio’s performance. A variable life policy’s cash value is not guaranteed and varies depending on the success of the portfolio in which the premiums were invested by the insurer.

What is group variable?

Utility variables used to classify or categorize observations are known as grouping variables. For summarizing or displaying data by group, grouping variables is helpful. Any of the following data types may be used as a grouping variable: Vector of numbers. Vector of logic.

What type of premium is variable whole life insurance based on?

A level-fixed premium is used in a variable life insurance policy. Premiums fall as the cash value component rises.

What is variable universal life insurance policy?

Variable universal life (VUL) insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that enables the cash component of the policy to be invested for higher returns. VUL plans are similar to standard universal life insurance policies, but they include a separate subaccount that invests the cash portion in the market.

What entities establish regulations for variable insurance products?

Under the Investment Company Act of 1940, the Office of Insurance Products (OIP) is in charge of regulating variable insurance.

What two organizations regulate Variable Life and variable annuities?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates the selling of variable insurance products, while the SEC and FINRA oversee the sale of variable annuities.

Who makes up the Medical information Bureau?

MIB is a member-owned organization that gathers and distributes information to its members. 1 Life and health insurance firms make up the membership, and information in the MIB database originates from them. The principle is similar to that of a credit bureau, which maintains your credit history using information given by lenders.

Who can contribute to a health savings account HSA )?

An HSA may accept contributions from a qualifying individual or from anybody else on their behalf, such as an employer or a family member. Contributions, other than employer contributions, are deductible on the return of an eligible person whether or not the individual itemizes deductions.


The “which of the following is not among the goals of a medicare supplement application” is not an entity that must approve all Medicare supplement advertisements.

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The “an individual producer license must contain all of the following except” is a statement that an individual producer must have to advertise on TV. The entity that approves these licenses is the Federal Communications Commission.

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