How Can Running Help Maintain Fitness?

How Can Running Help Maintain Fitness

There are various types of physical activity you can do to remain in good health. You can make use of weights to be healthy (body building). You can just use your own body to be in top form such as in yoga and running. In this article, you are given information on how running can assist in maintaining fitness.

You can also become a professional runner and take part in athletic races, marathons or fun runs. Are you interested in making running your career? Then join the local running club.

Health Benefits of Running

  • Strengthen muscles
  • Improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Burn fat to build muscles
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy weight

There are differences between jogging and running. The main factor is intensity. Jogging can be a slow exercise and it can be related to medium physical activity. Running is a faster version of jogging and exercises more parts of the body in a short duration such as lungs, heart and muscles. Long distance running requires a greater level of fitness when compared to jogging.

Ensure you drink plenty of water pre and post-running so that the body stays hydrated.

  • No Specific Place

You can easily make space for this activity. The only factor required is a free atmosphere. You can practice running on the park or in the treadmill. On a vacation? It is the best way for exploring a new world.

  • Save Money

You do not have to huff, puff on some crazy equipment because you have paid the bill. So save money with running instead of working out at the local gym when you are on a tight budget. All you need in running is the perfect footwear.

People who indulge in running are at a lower risk of developing colon cancer. And women, who participate in running are also at the same plane – low risk of developing breast cancer.

  • Builds Appetite

Do you lack appetite because of hectic work schedule? Then pull your socks and go for a long run as per the recommendations. In due course of time, your appetite will be restored back to normal

  • Memory Power

A regular bout of running can make the mind sharp. When you hit the track, you are also warding off dementia symptoms. The brain is made to work at its highest potential, and even if you have a history of Alzheimer, you may ward off the disease.

  • Glowing Skin

Are you a teenager and suffering from acne and blackheads? Practice running. The sweat can get rid of your pores and dirt in the body. It can also lead to boosting of natural oils to make the skin remain in best of healt

  • Self Confidence

You started as a beginner. Now you practice running regularly. Remember the time, six months ago, when you gasped for breath after running one mile. Now you can do the same easily and effortlessly. In other words, your body has built the endurance.

  • Posture

Persons who have long practiced running have remained in the best of health. Their knees and tendons will be strong and they may not suffer from pain during their old age.

  • Control Blood Pressure

Do you have a job that demands much of your adrenaline? Then very soon, you may become prone to high blood pressure and become a victim of paralytic stroke. Running helps your body generate sweat and in turn, the blood pressure of your body is restored to normal.

  • Stamina

Going to get a job within the next three months? Clear your body of all toxins by running. Build endurance and stamina so that you get the courage to take on the most complex tasks.


Does that mean ever:y individual can go for running? No. It is better to start simple exercises and then go to the ground.

For A Beginner

In case you want to be a runner, do not go for a five mile run on the first day. Then you may want to rest in bed for the next fifteen days. You should first make a start with brisk walking, then go to jogging and complete with running. The entire activity to tone your muscles can range from two weeks to a few months. 

Some people prefer to run with their dogs; so once they get a dog harness that stops pulling, they hit the road with their dog. Running with a dog can motivate you. It also helps with the dog’s health and weight especially if the dog doesn’t play outside a lot.

You should avoid eating food before a run.

If you are in the hottest part of the earth, avoid running when the sun shines more bright.

We hope, ample points have been given in this article regarding the benefits of running. Have we missed a point? We will make it up on in our next article.

Do you feel depressed about not making enough time to go to the gym? Then you can opt for running which is the best form of exercise, and maintain your health. Good Luck!

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