Abs workout for men

Gym word is easy to call. But It is too hard to practice. Not everyone can do it practically. Then today I will tell you. how to develop your abs as soon as possible. As development is not a big deal. Then today we will talk about abs workout for men. Abs are really the muscles of the abdominal.

Need to know How to get 6 pack abs Then This is the gym time. and go to the gym and lift like a beast. The Gym is the one place where a real man feels the Best time of the day. Really when I am in the gym then I feel that this time is the best time of the day for me. Then now we discuss what is Abs…?

What Is Abs…?

The abdominal muscles are known as Abs. Abs is paired with that muscles are fitted vertically at our both side of the abdomen. Always in our abdomen, there are two parallel muscles, And these are separated by the midline band of tissue and this is called linea alba. Then our topic is Abs Workout for men. 

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Why A Men Need Abs…?

There is really a good question for you. I am pointing you here. why you need abs..?. I have the answer to this question. Then I need abs to make my body fit. and to impress peoples. Really This the reality everyone wants abs for these reasons. and if you have another reason then don,t forgot to comment the reason below.

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Briefly Abs Workout Routine for Men:-

  1.  Abs Wheel Rollout workout.
  2.  Arms-High Partial Situp workout.
  3. Barbell Rollout Workout.
  4. Barbell Russian twist.
  5. Swiss Ball Crunch Workout.
  6. Leg Raise Workout.
  7. Flutter Kick Workout.
  8. Front Squat.
  9. Horizontal Cable Woodchop.
  10. Medicine Ball Russian Twist
  11. Plank.
  12. Throw and situp workout.

Now We Will Discuss these Exercise Or Workout Fully Explain:-

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  •  Abs Wheel Rollout workout

First of all, you need an Ab Wheel. then Start rolling on the floor with Ab wheel. first go ahead till you lose your tension and then come back on the wheel. this exercise will affect your abs a lot. and improve your abs strength. Abs wheel is Help to make the strength of your muscles also. Then this is a great workout for Abs.

  • Arms-High Partial Situp workout

Lei on the floor on your back and then bent your knee at 90 degrees. And put your hand straight to your nose in the upward direction and now start reps Stand up and then go back. again same stand up means come ahead on your knee bent and then again go back floor. You need to stand up partial not fully. look at the image given below

  • Barbell Rollout workout

This exercise as one. But here you need to use the barbell and load the barbel with 15 pounds. Now start exercise same as Abs Wheel. with open hands. in the wheel, hands are too close. But in barbell hands will be open it will affect more. then use this exercise also.

  • Barbell Russian twist

If you are going to gym regularly then you know well that. What is Russian twist..?. Then use these twist with the barbell. then grab the one side of the barbell in your both hand and another side will be on the floor. and put another hand far from your body on the floor then start twisting from left to right.

  • Swiss Ball Crunch Workout

You need the swiss ball. Just lie on the swiss ball and put your leg on the floor and back on the swiss ball. And your hand will be behind the ears and stat exercise. Go down and up and same as makes the reps.

  • Plank

Plank is simple exercise no need of any equipment. Just took the position of the push-ups but it will be on the elbow and then set up this position till 5 minutes or will be 10. it will affect your abs too much. Your abs will me came out As soon as possible. it will affect your muscles also. Helps to develop your muscles also. this is the best Abs workout for men.

  • Throw and situp workout

This is also a simple workout. you need to take a ball and need to be through it and then sit down. And perform it again and again. It will help you a lot to bring out your abs. this is also leg exercise. it affects legs too much. then it is too much beneficial.

And same as you can perform all the rest exercise. These will helps you a lot. I will be back with some new articles. Which helps you to be unstoppable. till you can read our previous articles link are given below:_

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