An introduction to Energy Drink

Energy drink is a kind of beverage that promotes instant physical and mental energy. Here the term “Energy” does not mean the food energy, this term refers to the activeness and alertness of mind and body. Energy drinks are used to boost up the activeness. It is used by most of the sportsmen and other people as well. Fast Twitch Energy Drink

Energy drinks contain some stimulant ingredients. Energy drink contains sugars, caffeine and some other supplements like carnitine, herbal extracts, amino acids, vitamins etc. Which altogether make a good combination to provide enough energy for boosting up the mind and body.

Fast Twitch Energy Drink ingredients – The best Activator

There are so many energy drinks available in the market that tends to be great energy drinks but Fast Twitch Energy Drink is on top of all. This drink refreshes the mind and vitalizes your energy levels.

The ingredients that Fast Twitch energy drink contains, have the following functions:


The caffeine is a psychoactive drug. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and reduces laziness and fatigue. It is used in a small quantity to improve concentration, activeness, and wakefulness. In energy drink, it acts as a body activator. Fast Twitch energy drink contains about 200 mg of caffeine per bottle. Caffeine when enters the body, it gets activated after an hour of consumption but in Fast Twitch Energy Drink, the caffeine is used with such formula that it activates at once after entering the body. And the effect remains for 3-4 hours.


Carnitine is an ammonium compound that helps in the improvement of metabolism. It helps to regulate the body’s metabolism and stabilizes the body system.

Herbal extracts:

So many herbal and fruit extracts are used in the manufacturing of Fast Twitch Energy Drink. These Herbs and extracts are actually used to enhance the flavor of the drink. Not only it enhances the flavor, but also provides all the nutrients that the certain herb or fruit contains. Using these natural herbs and fruit extract, the drink becomes more of a natural energy drink having less chemicals and preservatives in it.

Amino Acid:

The amino acid is the building block of proteins. They are very much essential for the body to make proteins. In addition to this, it is quick and the most important source of activeness. Consuming amino acid can reduce your fatigue, laziness and enhances muscle growth, Endurance. It is great for reducing muscle soreness. The amino acid, when used in Fast Twitch energy drink, meets up with other ingredients, activates faster and acts as a body alarm. The energy drink containing amino acid helps to fight with fatigue. It increases the overall performance of the body and makes you fit throughout the event providing extra efficiency in your performance.


Vitamins play an essential role in boosting up the immune system. The energy drink contains Vitamins like B-12 and cobalamin which are a good source of gaining instant energy. Fast Twitch energy drink contains a good amount of vitamins as well, which when gets combine with other ingredients, gives the excellent results!

Fast Twitch energy Drink is the best energy drink that Vitalizes the body’s performance and makes you active instantly when you feel low.

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