How to gain weight fast in 1 week – diet chart for Weight Gain

Hi, guys today we will talk about how to gain weight fast in 1 week – diet chart for Weight Gain. in nowadays the most common problem for the boys and girls in India is the weight to gain weight fast in 1 week. everyone wants to be fit and handsome but not everyone is the handsome and fit. few of the peoples are looking fit and handsome in nowadays. then today I will talk about it that how to gain weight fast in 1 week. then guys before starting you need to know how to maintain good health

Then now there are some points you need to keep them in mind to gain your weight fast in 1 week. you need to increase your diet with a proper schedule because schedule matters a lot in weight gaining. then now I am telling you some tips to gain weight that helps you a lot in weight gain fast in 1 week. and keep it in mind that diet plan also important then I will give you diet chart for Weight Gain. let,s start

Eat More

you need to eat more and more to gain weight because when you eat anything their store as calory and eat enough that whole day calory burn will be recover. then you can how to gain weight fast in 1 week. and if your weight is not gaining then you are not eating enough

Drink Liquid as much you can

when your weighting is not gaining then what you think that what we need to do the only answer is drink liquids as you can. I am not saying you to drink cold drinks but drinks soft drinks. and water drinking will help you a lot in weight gaining. make weight gainer shakes like banana shakes or etc….

Lift like a beast in the gym

weight lifting is most important for weight gaining if you want to gain weight then you need to lift heavy weight. from now go to gym and don,t do deadlifts or any other…directly go to muscles gainer equipment. and start weight lifting like a beast. and you will start gaining weight this is one of the important tips for how to gain weight fast in 1 week

Eat calories not waste

you need to keep it in your mind that what you eat whole day and what was the benefit of that food if you are eating oily food then you can only gain fat not weight. then from now go for healthy food not for oily or skinny that will harm you too much instead of help you. eat almonds and the dry grapes in morning and evening with water dipped will help you a lot. then from now start eating almonds and dry grapes and other dry fruits they have a lot of nutrition and calory.

Give rest mentally & physically To your body

Our body works like a machine if it gets proper food and drinks at a proper time then it works well and if we start carelessness about our body then our body will start damaging. and a machine needs rest time to time because if the machine working regularly there heat will produce and the machine gets damaged. same as our body has 2 states physically and mentally. it needs rest in both of the states if you want that our body works properly then you need to rest for 10 hours a day. and if your body was fit then your weight will automatically start gaining. and after some days your body has enough weight and you body will be fit this is also one of the best tips. ( how to gain weight fast in 1 week ) 

These are some important tips for you to increase weight what you think there is nothing gain without a proper manner. you need to make a schedule and working time then I promised you that your weight will be gain and one day you comment on my post that ” thank you  that we search how to gain fast weight in 1 week and find your post and it helped us a lot ” then guys these are some tips from me to you for increasing your weight

Then follow these tips and start gaining weight briefly the tips are:

how to gain fast weight in 1 week

Eat More

1. Drink Liquid as much you can

2. Lift like a beast in the gym

3. Eat calories not waste

4. Give rest mentally & physically To your body

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